Singapore customer comb mould

Singapore customer comb mould【Processing accuracy】0.005mm【Surface finish】0.01μm【Tool diameter】0.05mm[Processing speed] 50000 rpm[Delivery cycle] 3-7 days[Product Process] Ordering, grinder, CNC roughi

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  • 型号: Singapore customer comb mould

Singapore customer comb mould

【Processing accuracy】0.005mm

【Surface finish】0.01μm

【Tool diameter】0.05mm

[Processing speed] 50000 rpm

[Delivery cycle] 3-7 days

[Product Process] Ordering, grinder, CNC roughing, heat treatment, CNC finishing, wire cutting, discharge

Singapore customer comb mould

Bubbles have always been a difficult problem in the injection mold process. How to deal with it

Injection mold is a kind of pouring method. Since it is pouring, there will be various problems during the processing. The problems prove that we have made subtle errors in the processing. However, some are easy to handle and some are not easy. , For example, bubbles appear, because bubbles are a problem that many manufacturers are worrying about, today I will share with you some bubble treatment methods:

1. When the thickness of the product is large, the cooling speed is faster than the outer surface speed of the central part, and therefore, during cooling, the contraction of the resin central part side to the expanded surface side progresses, the central part, to produce short shots, This is a kind of vacuum bubble, and the solution includes:

1. Determine the reasonable gate and gate size according to the wall thickness. The gate height is generally 50%-60% of the product wall thickness;

2. Keep a certain supplementary injection until the grid is sealed;

3. The spraying time should be slightly longer than the grid sealing;

4. Reduce the injection speed and increase the injection pressure;

5. Use materials with high melt viscosity grade;

2. Due to the generation of volatile gas bubbles, the solution method is:

1. Adequate pre-drying;

2. Lower the temperature of the resin and do not generate gas;

3. Poor fluidity. Due to bubbles, it can be solved by increasing the temperature of the resin and the mold and increasing the injection speed.