Plastic lunch box mould

Plastic lunch box mouldMold classification:1. According to the forming process: hot work mold and cold work mold2. Divided by molding materials: metal molds and non-metal molds1) Metal material molds

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  • 型号: Plastic lunch box mould

Plastic lunch box mould

Mold classification:

1. According to the forming process: hot work mold and cold work mold

2. Divided by molding materials: metal molds and non-metal molds

1) Metal material molds are divided into: casting molds, die-casting molds, stamping molds (bending, punching, blanking, stretching, shaping, flanging, etc.), forging molds (hot forging, cold heading, rolling, wire drawing, etc.) Extrusion, etc.), powder metallurgy molds (isostatic pressing powder metallurgy, metal injection powder metallurgy, powder forging powder metallurgy, pressure sintering powder metallurgy), etc.

2) Non-metallic material molds are divided into: plastic molding molds (extrusion, blow molding, injection molding, compression molding, gas-assisted, vacuum molding, etc.), rubber molds, glass molds, ceramic molds, powder metallurgy molds (PTFE )Wait 

3. Divided by production volume: sample model (simple model) and mass production model

4. Divided by mold material: soft mold and hard mold

Plastic lunch box mould


There are a lot of plastic injection mold manufacturers in Shenzhen, but it is rare to do a good job with one performance. A set of injection molds will basically be tested, modified, and adjusted repeatedly before mass production. Therefore, the editor orders injection molds and needs to pay special attention to some problems. Statistics as follows:




As a customer, you need to understand some of the rigid requirements of your products, such as output, appearance requirements, mold precision, etc. When ordering injection molds, choose a mold supplier to find a manufacturer who can verify the ordered mold. This will prevent your mold from becoming a guinea pig. When selecting a plant, you should not only look at the price, but also consider the quality, cycle, and service in an all-round way.




To order products with precision requirements for injection molds, high-precision CNC machine tools are required for processing, and mold materials and forming processes are strictly required, and CAD / CAE / CAM mold technology is also required for design and analysis. Manufacturers should have CNC, EDM, wire-cutting machine tools and CNC copy milling equipment, high-precision grinders, high-precision three-coordinate measuring instruments, computer design and related software, etc., which are all factors for comprehensive consideration and evaluation. 



When ordering the same set of injection molds, the quotations of different manufacturers will vary greatly. Low price does not mean high cost performance. It must be comprehensively measured from the scale of the mold supplier, the materials used, and the precision that can be achieved. Choose high value, not just look at the price. For ordering injection molds, it is best to choose a one-stop service factory that can provide injection molding processing and spraying silk screen printing, which can avoid multi-head assistance and greatly improve work efficiency. Follow-up and after-sales processing of subsequent work.