Two-color mold-two-color milk bottle mold

双色模具-奶瓶双色模具模具材质:采用大同模胚,模具寿命可按照客户要求定制,生产次数可高达100万模次。模具公差:±/0.02mm精度,10年资深设计团队提供全套图纸方案。适用范围:主要用于小家电塑胶模具,母婴用品塑胶模具,电动工具类模具,电子设备周边产品模具,注塑模具,电脑周边键盘模具等。双色模具 双色注塑模具 双色塑胶模具 双色塑胶模具厂 双色注塑模具制造厂In the injection mo

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  • 型号: Two-color mold-two-color milk bottle mold





双色模具 双色注塑模具 双色塑胶模具 双色塑胶模具厂 双色注塑模具制造厂

Two-color mold-two-color milk bottle mold

In the injection molding of injection molds, cracks in plastic products are a very common problem. So, what can we do to eliminate the cracks in injection mold products?

1. Reasons for cracks in plastic products

1. Residual stress caused by the setting conditions of molding (oversaturated mold);

2. Residual stress occurred during demolding;

3. Stress concentration caused by the shape of the product;

4. The error caused by the thermal expansion of the same insert;

5. Deterioration of materials.