Matters needing attention in Shanghai mold processing design

2021-03-23 19:28:38 admin

Matters needing attention in Shanghai mold processing design

The process from design to delivery of mold processing in Shanghai is very important, and the parts of each mold are different, so the processing and design methods are also different. At present, the requirements of mold processing and design are getting higher and higher, and it takes more time to process and design. Mind, there are more things to pay attention to, so what are the specific things to pay attention to?

1: The shape and size of the object are precisely molded, and the resin flow direction of the product is filled with resin when the injection pressure is transmitted to the curing. As a mold design, know the requirements of the product, which is the source of the precision mold design, so the product needs must be well understood.

2: The characteristics of the molded product of the object, there must be a very systematic list of the characteristics of the molded product, mainly in terms of materials, the shape of the molded product, and the following mold design details will be based on.

3: The structure of the mold. The structure of fine molds is different from that of ordinary molds. Ordinary molds may have several possible structural design schemes, but for fine molds, some structures can have a certain influence, so some precision molds may require very demanding structural schemes, mainly considering the effect of the mold on the product.

4: The hardness of the mold. My personal experience believes that the rigidity of the mold is very important. I often see some mold embryos and the internal mold material is very thin. It can only be said that his mold may break, but the problem with some products is that it is closely related to the strength of the mold.