Matters needing attention in Shanghai mold processing design (2)

2021-03-25 09:07:54 admin

Matters needing attention in Shanghai mold processing design (2)

Shanghai mold processing design is a mold made by the company based on the materials collected by the customer and the needs of the customer. Because it must be done exactly according to the customer's intentions, there are many problems that need to be paid attention to when designing and processing. Now I will tell you Shanghai mold processing and design traditional Chinese medicine pay attention to the problem.

1: Glue to the plastic inlet channel, and is an important factor in the control of products. The way to enter the fine specifications of certain requirements of plastic products, when the gel point is made, the product cannot imagine that there will be results.

2: The temperature control circuit of the mold, the mold should be controlled at a uniform temperature. It is necessary to set the required temperature difference in the direction of resin flow, and to deal with changes in flesh thickness. When the product leaves the mold, the surface temperature of the mold should be uniform.

3: The precision of the precision mold is very high, and the processing method used to process the mold is very important. Slow lines are commonly used for model holes according to the shape of the product's cross-sectional shape. Therefore, the processing method must be considered when designing.

4: The mold structure should be reasonable and convenient to facilitate the addition of other programs. For example, a location may not be ideal. If the model is really not ideal, a post-compensation scheme is required.