These three tasks cannot be ignored in injection molds

2021-03-23 19:26:49 admin

These three tasks cannot be ignored in injection molds

Many people know the job of injection molds, and for molds, this step is very important, and the quality of molds will also lead to different quality of finished products, but it does not mean that good quality products do not need to pay attention to maintenance in the later stage. Work, so in order to ensure that the effect of the injection mold can be better, we need to do the following work.

1. Regular inspection, maintenance and refueling.

Generally speaking, the working cycle of injection molds is mostly between one month and several months, which takes a long time. Therefore, in addition to the normal shift, the operator should also explain how to use the injection mold. For example, detailed records of injection molds and injection mold use times, time, problems, failures, inspection and maintenance results, etc., so that the operator can master the relevant information of the injection mold in detail to ensure normal operation.

2. Timely clean up the waste and dirt generated during the injection molding process

During the injection molding process, all kinds of garbage and dirt will inevitably appear. If they accumulate more than once, it will affect the normal injection molding process and even adversely affect the results of injection molding. Therefore, we should always clean the injection mold. In addition, or the pattern surface of the cavity injection molding mold polishing process, we also appropriately shorten the cleaning interval to ensure a bright and clean cavity surface.

Third, the auxiliary parts of the injection mold should also be checked regularly

In the maintenance process of injection molds, many people neglect the maintenance of auxiliary components of injection molds. This is not advisable. The auxiliary assembly of injection molds is also closely related to the effect of injection molding process. Therefore, the auxiliary injection molds should also be checked regularly. System to ensure the normal use of the mold.