What is the cause of the bending of the material during mold processing?

2021-03-23 11:53:40 admin

What is the cause of the bending of the material during mold processing?

In the process of mold processing and customization, a series of situations may occur. In fact, one of the phenomena we will face is the bending deformation of injection mold processing. Then, in the entire processing process, in addition to considering the final requirements or installation, the performance of the tooling and equipment must also be considered. In this case, it is necessary to consider more injection mold processing procedures. Then why the bending occurs during mold processing? What's the situation?

1. Mould

In the process of tooling customization, basically if this happens, it may be due to improper position or insufficient number of doors, or uneven position of the top product.

2. Technology

When the more technical aspects of the elements, such as taking into account the particularly high temperature in the longitudinal line, or the particularly high injection pressure in the mold processing customization will be considered, there are other injections in this case as well, relative Long holding time and short cooling time. Good manufacturers basically bring us more protection in the process of processing. From the current situation, if we really want to perform custom processing, then we must consider additional processing issues. To a certain extent, these actual processing processes take into account this situation with more powerful processing systems and processing equipment, so it can continue to be applied.

Three, raw materials

When all raw materials are actually processed, they will affect some of the final cleanliness and cause deformation of the entire product. Because when the raw material is reworked, if it is not clean enough, or the cleanliness of the mold is different during the mold processing and customization process, there will be a certain error in the processing process. Even if the product is small, it will have a series of effects on the original processing, so it is very important However, the cleanliness of the raw materials is very important for the follow-up of the entire processing, this must be paid attention to, because often these small errors will determine the ultimate success or failure of the entire mold processing.

Fourth, product design

Each product has its own design style when designing molds, such as different molds, because they have different requirements during processing, so their product design requirements are different, but different product designs are due to processing requirements Different, so the thickness of the product processing or the overall local design will be different, so it is more reasonable to highlight the thickness change, so in this case, the structure of the product should be considered.

In the process of customizing the mold, considering the existing conditions, if it is to be processed, it can be divided into various plastics to be processed, because different mold processing times are required for different materials in order to protect the final processing The result is not the same. Of course, once the custom mold processing time is completely deformed, it is necessary to organize the first time, reduce it to a reasonable size, and then finally deal with it, reducing the possibility of thermal decomposition.

Through the above, we consider the actual situation in the mold processing process to process. When the bending deformation, we must first adjust to make it reach a reasonable processing state.