The goodness of the finished mold can be seen during processing

2021-03-23 11:44:17 admin

The goodness of the finished mold can be seen during processing

1. High requirements for mold processing accuracy: a finished mold is composed of many parts, and some molds are still formed by complicated splicing, so during mold processing, it is necessary to focus on the processing accuracy of each splicing part, otherwise the upper and lower molds and the shape Cavities cannot be combined.

2. Complicated mold contour: Some products, such as car panels, aircraft parts, toys, and home appliances, have surface shapes that form a combination of multiple curved surfaces. Therefore, the surface of the mold cavity is very complicated. Some surfaces must be processed by mathematical calculations.

3. Small batches: there are few large batches in mold processing and production, and small batches are generally produced.

4. Process: Mold processing always adopts processes such as milling, boring, drilling, reaming, and tapping.

5. Putting the reused mold into life: When using a pair of molds in its life, the new mold needs to be replaced, so the produced molds are often repetitive.

6. If the mold is imitated and there is no data and drawings, the requirements for the processing process will be higher and it cannot be deformed.