Several things you need to know about mold processing (on)

2021-03-25 09:20:57 admin

Several things you need to know about mold processing (on)

Mold processing mainly uses a technical method to process some materials into a device, but the device is only a mold form. In fact, the process of mold processing and the selection of materials are very important, and the design methods and processing required for different molds The procedure will also be different, but it is worth considering that no matter what kind of mold, the processing technology needs to be continuously improved. Only in this way can processing the mold be more trouble-free. Here are some points that need to be paid attention to when processing molds.

1: To understand the shape and size of the mold, but also to understand the resin flow direction of the product, as a mold processing designer, you need to understand the detailed requirements of the product and the customer, so that you can know it well, so that there will be no too much during reprocessing ’S mistakes;

2: Then you need to understand the characteristics of the mold before and after molding, you need to have a list, and a record sheet is needed for what materials are needed at any stage;

3: The structure of the mold. The structure of fine molds is different from ordinary molds. Ordinary molds may have several structural design schemes, but for precision molds, certain structures may have certain effects. Therefore, some precision molds may require very demanding structural schemes, and the impact of molds on the product is taken into account.

4: The hardness of the mold. My personal experience is that rigid molds are very important. I often see the death of some embryos, and the mold inside the material is very thin. It can only be said that he is wrong, the mold can be produced, but the problem is that some products are closely related to the strength of the mold.