The effect of injection molding is very satisfactory

2021-03-23 15:32:44 admin

The effect of injection molding is very satisfactory

1. High efficiency

Injection molding technology is very convenient and fast, and can achieve mass production. why? Because injection molding is to add some materials to the barrel to heat, wait until melted, inject the material into the mold cavity, and then wait for it to cool. After cooling, the details are the finished product, so the efficiency of injection molding is still very high. of.

2. High strength

Glass fiber additives are used in plastic materials. These highly engineered composite plastics have strong durability and can meet the requirements of different products. Most importantly, the density of plastic is so high that injection molding provides a degree of flexibility that no other molding process can provide.

3. Low cost

Why is it low cost? Because the injection mold only needs to provide some materials and injection equipment, not only the processing speed is fast, but also the high pressure is resisted. The processed products are also of high quality. After the samples are determined, mass production is supported, and no secondary processing is required. Save cost and time.