Precision injection molding technology contributes to the development of the plastics processing industry

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As terminal users continue to increase product appearance requirements, electronic and electrical plastic parts have become more complex in structure and continue to be miniaturized in size. Precision injection molding technology has played a significant role in this regard. Advanced injection molding technology has greatly improved the quality, reliability, performance, reduced production costs, and improved production efficiency of precision plastic parts, which is of great significance.

Precision injection molding technology contributes to the development of injection molding processing

Injection molding technology is a method of manufacturing plastic products. It uses pressure to inject molten plastic into plastic product molds, and cools and molds to obtain various plastic parts. The most commonly used plastic is polystyrene. According to Luo Baihui, the head of the International Mold and Metal Plastic Industry Suppliers Association, with the development of "3C" products, precision injection molding machines are a key basic equipment for precision injection molding. Three aspects such as molding efficiency have been greatly improved. Compared with traditional injection molding equipment, precision injection molding machines truly implement precise control and precise production of products. The plasticizing device for precision injection molding is a key component to improve the quality of plasticization, the repeatability of injection molding, and the intrinsic quality of the product. At present, the device is mainly developed to achieve the goals of high speed, high pressure and fast response.

Polyurethane foam sealing technology, better performance and lower cost

In 1965, the German Sonderhoff company and BASF's packaging company realized the concept of reactive seals for the first time. In 1980, FIPFG (FormedInPlaceFoamGasket) sealing technology was born. For the first time, it realized the pioneering work of the mixing head walking upstream of the workpiece to be sealed and smearing the component mixture into the groove of the workpiece. 1992 EDF company introduced the first two-component sealing system DM110 with MK200 mixing head. After that, the first joint sealing foam project was produced.

In the past 20 years, the polyurethane field foam sealing technology (FIPFG) has been continuously developed and has become a mature industrialized process, which has been continuously applied to the sealing of cabinets, packaging, electronics, and automotive industries. With the rapid development of industrial automation, on-site sealing technology has played an increasingly important role in the production of the automotive industry and its supporting manufacturers, and has gradually replaced molded seals (ie stamped molded parts or strip rubber seals). At present, this equipment has been widely used in industrial and mechanical production in developed countries. It has entered some advanced cabinet, automobile, aerospace and electronic companies in China. Polyurethane foam sealing technology has gradually occupied the seal with its irreplaceable huge advantages. The market has huge market prospects.

Under the development trend of high efficiency, high precision and low cost of injection molding process, the European plastics market has positioned its perspective on the latest developments in mold welding, inline sealing and micro molding. Germany’s Sonderhoff developed a new Mold’n sealing process at its headquarters in Germany at the end of March. Peter Fischer, the marketing director of Sonderhoff, an expert in polyurethane foam molding technology (FIPFG), told reporters that the system fully integrates the control system of the injection molding machine. As an inline system of the Mold'n sealing process, the system has a particularly innovative feature The reason is that it is only a 6-axis robot for cutting off parts and sealing material application PUR. In the sealing stage, the waste heat of the molding process reduced the curing time. "In Lossburg, Germany, the modified injection molding system was demonstrated. It took about 45 seconds to cut and seal the application. After that, only the FERMAPORK31 polyurethane soft foaming system was sealed. It can be completely cured in three minutes, saving a long time of balance belt." Peter Fischer said.

In the mold manufacturing industry, the stainless steel mold manufacturer Edelstahlwerke (DEW) in Germany launched Euromold in 2010 to meet the needs of more precise processing capabilities. The number of cavities in the multi-cavity PET preform mold for stainless steel molds has increased by as much as 192 cavities.

WITTMANN BATTENFELD has been active in the development of other applications, including part molding of micro-metal plastic mixing, development of packaging technology and the production and operation of roll-like metal strips. But the new micro-power machine can also be well integrated into a complete manufacturing, from overmoulding to web metal strip thermoplastics, as part of the LED lead frame project unit. With the cycle time of 5s, the company claims that compared with the traditional injection molding process, it can achieve cost savings of 30 to 50%.

Polyurethane foam sealing technology, better performance and lower cost

Generally, the materials used for precision injection molding screws have high rigidity and strength, and the precision injection molding screws produced will vary according to the processing materials. In order to improve the flow-length ratio of injection molding and minimize the shrinkage of product molding, the injection pressure of the precision injection molding machine can reach 216 to 243 MPa, and the injection pressure of the ultra-high pressure machine can reach 243 to 392 MPa. In this case, the screw must have sufficient rigidity and strength to avoid failures such as bending and twisting during high-pressure injection molding. In addition, for the mold clamping device of the traditional toggle lever device, long-term stable parallelism cannot be obtained between the movable and fixed mold plates, and it is difficult to achieve low-pressure protection for precision molds.