Why does the plastic case bend during production?

2021-03-23 12:31:48 admin

One. Possible causes of problems when the plastic shell is bent:

1. The plastic shell is bent because there is too much internal stress in the plastic shell.

2. The mold filling speed is slow, causing the plastic shell to bend.

3. Insufficient plastic in the mold cavity causes the plastic shell to bend.

4. The temperature of the plastic is too low or inconsistent, and the plastic shell may bend.

5. The plastic shell is too hot when it is ejected.

6. Insufficient cooling or inconsistent temperature between moving and fixed molds

7. The structure of the plastic shell is unreasonable (for example, the reinforcing ribs are concentrated on one side, but are far apart).

two. Remedy for bending of plastic shell:

1. Reduce the pressure of injection molding.

2. Reduce the time for the screw to move forward.

3. Increase the cycle time (especially the cooling time). After ejecting from the mold (especially thicker injection molded parts), immediately immerse it in warm water (38°C) so that the plastic shell can slowly cool down.

4. Increase the speed of injection molding.

5. Increase the temperature of the plastic.

6. Use a cooling device to cool the curved plastic casing.

7. Appropriately increase the cooling time of the curved plastic shell or improve the cooling conditions to ensure that the mold temperatures of the moving and fixed molds are consistent as much as possible.

8. According to the actual situation, improve the structure of the curved plastic shell when allowed.

The above are the problems encountered by precision injection molding one-stop manufacturers in production. For more information, please consult our official website customer service!