Talking about the role of injection molding toner in injection molding process?

2021-03-23 14:53:06 admin

In the era when many wooden products were replaced by plastic products, colorful plastic products have always attracted the attention of the public. Has anyone ever been curious about this?

In fact, when the injection molding factory produces products, it needs to add toner during the injection molding process. So what is the role of adding toner? What should be paid attention to when adding, so as not to affect the quality of injection molded parts. Let me share with you


1. Why do you need to add toner for injection molding?

Plastic toner is an industrial material, simple to understand, can make all kinds of plastic products into any kind of color goods.

At present, it is widely used in industrial products, and the same is true for injection molded parts. Toners of various colors are used to ensure the diversification of injection molded products.

2. How to add injection toner

Before injection molding, the operators of the injection molding manufacturer need ingredients. The addition of toner to the ingredients is very important. When adding the toner, the diffusion oil must also be added to prevent the toner from being very bad when the batching machine rotates. The standard paste on the raw material will not fly off, and the toner without diffusion oil will fly away with the rotation of the batching machine and affect the color of the injection molded part.

Especially for the processing of precision injection molded parts, the process requirements for injection molding production are very strict, and the addition of toner must also be ensured in place, so as not to affect the quality of the final injection molded product.