Where is the "precision" in the often said precision injection molding technology? (One)

2021-03-25 09:55:45 admin

Compared with the traditional injection molding equipment, the precision injection molding machine truly realizes the precise control and precise production of the product. So, what is the "precision" of precision injection molding technology?

Precision injection plasticizing device.

The plasticizing device for precision injection molding is a key component to improve the quality of plasticization, the repeatability of injection molding and the internal quality of the product. At present, the main purpose of this device is to achieve high speed, high pressure and fast response.

1. High-speed injection molding device

High-speed injection molding is an important feature of precision injection molding machines. The speed of high-speed injection molding can generally reach 300 ~ 1000 mm/s, and some injection molding equipment can even reach 2000 mm/s. For the injection molding process with an injection speed of less than 500 mm/s, a single line coaxial device can be used to complete the injection at the same time Forming and plasticizing. When the injection speed exceeds 500mm/s, it is difficult to achieve the required injection accuracy and plasticizing quality using a single-line coaxial device, mainly because the device is easy to reverse the plasticized melt during high-speed injection molding, resulting in inaccurate measurement , The quality of the melt deteriorates.

In order to solve this problem, according to the characteristics of precision high-speed injection molding, IMC injection molding plasticization device can be used, that is, the traditional one-line coaxial device is divided into interrelated and independent injection molding and plasticization devices. The plasticization part is composed of The extrusion screw is completed, and the injection molding part is completed by the injection plunger, so the fit gap between the injection plunger and the inner wall of the injection molding machine barrel is much smaller than the fit gap between the injection screw and the inner wall of the injection molding machine barrel/retaining ring many. It effectively avoids the phenomenon that the molten material may flow backwards during the high-speed injection molding of the injection plunger. The independent plasticization is completely free from the limitation of the molding cycle, and the plasticization quality and plasticization ability are greatly improved.

2. Precision all-electric injection plasticizing device

       The all-electric injection and plasticization device can significantly improve the control accuracy of plasticization parameters such as plasticization displacement, plasticization speed, plasticization back pressure, injection stroke and holding pressure, so it has been widely used in precision injection molding machines.