What are the preventive measures in the production of metal stamping parts?

2021-03-23 18:36:24 admin

What are the preventive measures in the production of metal stamping parts?

    What are the preventive measures for the production of metal stamping parts? Metal stamping parts are products that we often use. They are processed by cutting, bending, stamping, and shaping metal materials in the cavity through the pressure of molds and punching machines. So what should be done in the production of metal stamping parts? Precaution? Next, Kechuang Hardware will explain to you:

First, preventive measures during the production of metal stamping parts

1. Regularly check the die mounting seat of the punch turntable and stamping parts to ensure the coaxial accuracy of the upper and lower turntables.

2. Metal stamping parts need to be strictly inspected before installation and application. Dirt should be cleaned up. Stamping parts guide sleeves and die-casting molds should be carefully checked for good lubrication.

3. In order to ensure the service life of stretched and compressed parts, the spring of the mold should also be replaced regularly to prevent the fatigue damage of the spring from affecting the use of stretched stampings.

4. When installing the mold, the stamping personnel should use soft metal manufacturing tools to prevent the stamping parts from being damaged by impact and extrusion during the installation process.

5. The wear of the convex and concave die edge of the stamping parts should be stopped in time and polished in time, otherwise it will rapidly expand the wear level of the die edge, accelerate the wear of the die, and reduce the quality of stamping and die life.

Second, the main measures that stamping factories need to prevent metal stamping waste

1. The stamping raw materials must meet the specified technical conditions (strictly check the specifications and grades of the raw materials, and if possible, perform laboratory inspections on the workpieces with high dimensional accuracy and surface quality requirements.

2. All links specified in the stamping process regulations should be fully and strictly abided by;

3. The presses and stamping dies and other tooling equipment used should be guaranteed to work under normal working conditions;

4. A strict inspection system is established during the production process. The first stamping parts must be fully inspected, and production can only be put into production after passing the inspection. At the same time, the inspection should be strengthened, and the accident should be dealt with in time;

5. Adhere to the civilized production system, such as the transfer of stamping workpieces and blanks must use appropriate workstations, otherwise the surface of the workpiece will be crushed and scratched and the surface quality of the stamping parts will be affected;

6. During the stamping process, the mold cavity should be kept clean, and the orderly processed workpieces in the workplace should be placed neatly.

The above prevention measures for metal stamping parts production are summarized here, including the phenomenon that we need to prevent metal stamping waste during daily stamping processing, and we need to do daily maintenance work.