Stamping die

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Stamping die

Stamping dies are special technical equipment for processing materials (metal or non-metal) on parts (or semi-finished products) through cold pressing, and are called cold pressing dies (commonly known as cold dies). The punching machine is a pressure processing method that uses a mold installed on the punching machine to apply pressure to the material at room temperature to cause separation and plastic deformation to obtain the required parts.

The development of Fudongyi's precision stamping die manufacturing technology is mainly reflected in

High-speed milling processing (the spindle speed is generally 15000r/min~40,000r/min, and the milling hardness can reach 60HRC)

Electric discharge milling processing (equipped with electrode loss automatic compensation system, CAD/CAM integrated system, online automatic measurement system and dynamic simulation system)

Slow wire cutting technology processing accuracy (speed has reached 300mm2/min, processing accuracy can reach ±1.5μm)

Grinding and polishing processing technology (with advanced equipment and technology of CNC forming grinder, CNC optical curve grinder, CNC continuous track coordinate grinder and automatic polishing machine)

Numerical control measurement (In addition to high-precision measurement of complex surface data, the three-coordinate numerical control measuring machine also has a good temperature compensation device and anti-vibration protection ability)

The stamping die should adopt a multi-station progressive die, and the cemented carbide insert progressive die can increase the service life. In the small batch production and trial production of new products, simple molds with simple structure, fast manufacturing speed and low cost should be used, such as combined molds, thin plate molds, polyurethane rubber molds, low melting point alloy molds, zinc alloy molds, and superplastic alloys. Mode etc. Molds have begun to adopt computer-aided design (CAD), and molds have been optimized through a series of computer-centric systems. This is the development direction of mold design.


Introduction to the connector mold: Precision connectors refer to the connectors and card slots in electronic and electrical equipment. Because they are very small (some are only 0.25mm in diameter) and there are a lot of them. Therefore, the requirements for mold quality and precision are very high. We call the mold for making products similar to plugs and card slots as precision connector molds.

Product advantages: Fudongyi has deep technical precipitation in precision plug molds, large and complex continuous types, multi-station robot automatic types, semi-automatic types, etc., and can provide customers with excellent, efficient and safe mold making solutions

Application scenarios: manufacturing of cars, motorcycles, electrical appliances, IT products, office automation equipment, light industrial products, medical equipment and other manufacturing industries, as well as aircraft, ships and high-speed trains and other equipment structure and interior parts manufacturing.

冲压模具 第2张


冲压模具 第4张

  • 产品介绍:在电路内被阻断处或孤立不通的电路之间,架起沟通的桥梁,从而使电流流通,使电路实现预定的功能。接插件形式和结构是千变万化的,

  • 产品优势:富东懿专业设计制造精密冲压模具及精密五金件冲压的ODM/OEM专业模具厂家,精密弹片冲压模具在制造中经过锻造切削、加工和热处理等工序,保证精密弹片的品质,降低生产成本,具有良好的锻造性、切削加工性和磨削性等材料

  • 应用范围:手机卡类,手机天线,耳机声讯插口,接插片,微型马达,传感器,汽车仪表轻触开关,医疗设备,PCB板屏蔽罩等。


  • 产品介绍:端子是蓄电池与外部导体连接的部件。 电工学中又叫接线端子,种类分单孔,双孔,插口,挂钩等,论模具精密程度,高速端子模属于精密模具。

  • 产品工艺:模具的设计,模具的加工,模具的组立、试模与修善三者缺一不可。一套高精度的模具要有精密的设计,精密的加工,也要有精密的装配。

  • 应用范围:精密连接器端子,医疗端子,汽车端子移动电脑设备,数位相机,汽车/航空/航海电子零组件,医疗电子、智能家电、IC、3C产品等

冲压模具 第6张


冲压模具 第8张

  • 产品介绍:冷压模具大多安装在压力机上,是在室温下对放置的板材施加变形力使其变形,得到一定的形状、尺寸和性能的制品部件的特殊专用工具。

  • 工作原理:直接或问接固定在上模上的组成模具的上模, 它通过模柄与冲床滑块相联结。固定在下模上的零组成了模具的下模,工作时,条料靠着挡料送进定位, 工件由顶块靠顶板 借弹簧的弹力从凹模洞口中顶出;同时箍在凸模上的废料,由卸料板靠弹簧的弹力卸掉,再取走工件,至此完成整个落料过程。

  • 应用范围:汽车,摩托车,电话,手机,PC电脑,医疗用品IC引线框架产品等