Comparative analysis of China and the United States injection mold industry

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Comparative analysis of China and the United States injection mold industry

       With the development of China's injection molds and the improvement of technology, more and more American customers choose to cooperate with Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers. In terms of manufacturing costs, China’s injection molding industry has a clear advantage over the United States.

1. Labor cost: The labor cost in the United States is 3.57 times the domestic labor cost.

The total domestic output is 4,500 tons, the production line is 250 people, and the United States has complete equipment, with 2 production capacity and 180 production lines. According to the domestic monthly salary plus various social security fees totaling 4,500 yuan, the United States does not have a monthly salary plus insurance premiums, and the labor cost per ton totals 3,600 US dollars: domestic 250×4500 yuan/month/4,500 tons/month = 250 yuan/ton, which is equivalent US$40.32/ton, which does not include the company’s accommodation and other expenses. The United States is 180 people * 3600 US dollars / month / 4500 yuan / month = 144 US dollars / ton, 2.57 times higher than the domestic.

2. Among the depreciation costs, the US depreciation cost is 1.7 times the domestic depreciation cost.

With the production capacity of equipment and land, the domestic production line investment is 90 million yuan, and the American production line investment is 25 million US dollars. The annual production is 50,000 tons, and the depreciation cost is calculated in ton: domestic 90 million years / 15 years / 50,000 tons / year = 120 yuan/ton, equivalent to 19.35 US dollars/ton. The United States is 25 million US dollars / 15 years / 50000 tons / year = 33 US dollars / ton, 1.7 times higher than the domestic.

3. Plant construction costs: the cost of plant construction in the United States is 4 times that of China

The advantages of the United States itself cannot be ignored.

1. Land cost: China is 9 times that of the United States

The price of domestic land is 9 times the price of land in the United States, and the United States is a permanent property right, and we have a 50-year property right. For example, in recent years, the price of industrial land in Shanghai is 180,000 yuan/mu, while the current land price in the United States is only 20,000 US dollars/acre, which is equivalent to 20,000 yuan/mu.

2. Logistics cost: China is twice that of the United States

Domestic logistics costs are twice that of the United States. Take oil prices as an example. China's oil prices are twice that of the United States, and high oil prices are high logistics costs.

Compared with the U.S., where is our hardware

1. Relevant national policy support;

2 The infrastructure is gradually improved, which provides the possibility for the growth of market demand;

3. The huge power transfer opportunities of the World Foundry Mould Industry Center to China and general sub-business applications have brought huge business opportunities to China's mould industry;

4. Low labor costs and raw material prices, which urgently need to save costs in the international environment, make China the focus of attention. At present, the domestic injection mold industry is in a good state of development. While the technical level of the industry is gradually improving, the scale of development is also getting larger and larger.

Both China and the United States have their own advantages in the injection mold manufacturing industry. Consider the inevitable development trend of injection mold companies. China is more suitable for the development of customized product injection molds.