Xi'an Zhongshi Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

2021-03-23 16:30:03 admin

Xi'an Zhongshi Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. This company specializes in the production of high-precision and long-life motor stator and rotor iron core progressive molds, which have a high reputation among similar domestic mold products.

    The company has a plant area of 1,600 square meters and more than 40 sets of various processing equipment, including 15 sets of precision processing equipment. In the process of continuous growth of the company, it is precisely by virtue of the service concept of all for customers, with rich experience and a realistic attitude to pursue quality, it has won the long-term trust of customers.

    The company's business philosophy: we need new ideas and new creations for customers.

    The company's business purpose: based on customers, for customers' product efficiency and technology improvement, innovate mold technology, and create Zhongshi fine products.

    Company product events

    In 1999, the air-conditioning outdoor fan motor iron core stator and rotor automatic stacking riveting rotor automatic twisting double row cemented carbide progressive die was born, and the total service life of customers reached 450 million strokes.

    In 2004, air-conditioning compressor motor iron core 112 outer diameter stator and rotor automatic riveting rotor automatic skewing outer diameter non-cutting stator shape three-row cemented carbide progressive die was delivered to customers, with a total life of 200 million strokes.