Assembly technical requirements for machining parts

2021-03-23 14:32:22 admin

Assembly technical requirements for machining parts:

   1. Sealing packing or sealant is allowed when assembling the hydraulic system, but it should be prevented from entering the system.

  2. The parts and components (including purchased parts and outsourcing parts) entering the assembly must have the certificate of the inspection department before they can be assembled.

  3. The parts must be cleaned and cleaned before assembling. There must be no burrs, flashes, oxide skins, rust, chips, oil stains, colorants and dust.

  4. The main matching dimensions of parts and components, especially the interference fit dimensions and related accuracy, should be reviewed before assembly.

  5. The parts are not allowed to knock, bump, scratch and rust during the assembly process.

  6. When assembling the taper pin, the hole should be painted and checked, and the contact rate should not be less than 60% of the mating length, and should be evenly distributed.

  7. The number of tooth surfaces contacted by the spline assembly at the same time shall not be less than 2/3, and the contact rate shall not be less than 50% in the direction of the length and height of the key teeth.

   8. After the flat key (or spline) with sliding fit is assembled, the relative parts can move freely without unevenness of tightness.

   9. Before assembly, all pipes should be free of flashing, burrs and chamfering. Use compressed air or other methods to remove debris and rust attached to the inner wall of the pipe.

  10. Before assembling, all steel pipes (including prefabricated pipes) must be degreasing, pickling, neutralization, water washing and anti-rust treatment.

 11. When assembling, tighten the pipe clamps, supports, flanges and joints to prevent loosening.

   The above is about the content of the assembly technical requirements for the processing of mechanical parts. For more related content, please pay attention to our website.