Our understanding of injection mold processing is superficial

2021-03-23 19:27:54 admin

For injection mold processing, the plastic with good fluidity and easy to overflow should be divided by inserting and breaking method to prevent the occurrence of burrs. For products with high height and small demolding angle, you can choose the center parting, and the cavity is divided into two ends to facilitate the release. Mold, in order to make the product easy to eject from the mold, it is necessary to set the demolding slope on the mold, and its size depends on the shape of the product.


Plastic injection mold processing plastics, mold structure, surface accuracy and processing methods vary, generally 1-3 °, without affecting the appearance and performance of the product, the greater the draft angle, the better. The shunt is the connecting part of the main runner, between the main runner and the gate, which has the effect of diversion and steering. The shunt is necessary to send the molten plastic to the gate at a faster rate under the condition of minimum pressure loss. Mode, because the cross-sectional area is flat.

     The perimeter of the injection mold processing square is the longest, and the circle is the shortest. If the area is too small, it will reduce the plastic flow rate, extend the filling time, and easily cause product shortage, scorching, silver thread, and shrinkage; if it is too large, it will accumulate too much Gas, increase the cold material, prolong the production cycle, and reduce the production power. Regarding different plastic materials, the runner will be different.