What should I pay attention to when purchasing injection molds?

2021-03-25 09:41:21 admin

As a common type of plastic molds, injection molds are widely used in the market. There are several considerations when purchasing injection molds.

For example, the acceptance criteria of injection molds, the production capacity and scale of injection mold companies, the industry experience of injection mold companies, and injection mold production equipment are considered.

Let's take a look at what to pay attention to when buying injection molds?

Under normal circumstances, the purchase of injection molds is a company, and the sale of molds occurs between companies. Such as daily necessities manufacturers, computer manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, etc.

The general process is to contact the person in charge of the company, then enter the factory to investigate and discuss details, make a quotation, and then sign a contract to start production.

When buying injection molds, it is generally the same as the aspects that should be paid attention to when buying molds, such as the fineness of workmanship, whether the manufacturer is guaranteed in terms of experience and quality, and comprehensive consideration of the two major aspects from product to corporate strength.

There are too many acceptance standards for injection molds, but nothing more than the following points:

1. Whether the product molded by the mold has met the requirements

2. Is continuous production stable and reliable

3. Does the cycle of injection molding production single beer meet the requirements of low cost?

4. Whether the mold structure and movement are reasonably designed/reliable

5. Whether the mold material meets the design material

6. The appearance of the mold is clean and tidy, and the various signs are complete. The above points can be detailed according to the requirements of each company and product requirements.

In short, there are no fixed standards on what to pay attention to when buying injection molds. There are only basic and basic ones that need to be considered.